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Medical Alert Dogs & Medical Response Dogs

These service dogs are trained to alert to oncoming medical conditions, such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, epilepsy, panic attack, anxiety attack, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as chromosomal and nervous system disorders, such as Down's Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy.
Service Dogs for Diabetics:  A service dog for diabetics is specially trained to assist people with diabetes.  These dogs are trained to identify minor scent changes created by hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, and take necessary steps such as alerting medical response.  They are also trained to detect changes in the handler's condition, and alert the person to check blood sugar levels or take necessary medications.  These dogs detect the faint changes in the scent which can't be detected by humans, and hence prove to be helpful companions for people with diabetes.
Seizure Alert Dogs:  Also known as Medical Alert Dogs, these service dogs alert to oncoming seizures and are trained to respond to seizures by getting help, staying with the person until help arrives, or assisting the person to a chair or other safe resting place.
Seizure Response Dogs:  A seizure response dog is a type of service dog, specially trained to assist people having seizures.  Each person with seizures demonstrates different traits, and hence each seizure response dog has to be specifically trained to help a particular individual.  These dogs are trained to summon help, activate medical alert, attempt to arouse the handler if he is unconscious, provide physical support, etc.

SDAP Solutions for Medical Alert Dogs & Medical Response Dogs

Service Dog Assistance Products uses the Medical Call and Alert Box (Model Numbers MA-100 & M-100) to request assistance in an emergency, providing real-time access to medical personnel and alerting local authorities in times of crisis.  SDAP equipment can be customized to turn on lighting, disarm house alarms, activate sirens and even unlock doors, ensuring unimpeded ease of entrance for emergency personnel when time is crucial.  Control systems and other canine / human interface equipment can be customized as required to meet specific needs.

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M-100 Medical Call Box

Product Information about the M-100
Videos & Pictures of Service Dogs using the M-100 to perform tasks that benefit the disabled


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